Lagnad - demo 2010

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 Sigtyr is actually a quite old band. They were formed by Odne in 1999 and 3 years later Jan joined the band as a full member with equal contribution to the band. After 11 years and many demos they have never dared (?) to release a full-length album. Sigtyr began as a solo project, but through the years they got a full line-up. Many of their ex-members are now on Mistur and Odne himself has also been on them. After Jan’s decision to start his own band Feigd in 2006, Odne decided to run Sigtyr again as a one man band and this is his first demo since then.

Sigtyr’s music is epic melodic black metal with a few folk touches and their sound is definitely influenced by Windir’s unique music scales. Guitars and synths have equal importance in their melodies and they are at the same sound level in the production. Their music has a somehow symphonic approach thanks to the beautiful orchestrations of the keyboards. There are only 4 songs in the 20min demo, all of them brilliant with really amazing melodies. The compositions have a very melancholic mood with many classical references and sometimes in my opinion they have a dark medieval “church music” feeling. The vocals are typical Viking black metal with many clean choirs in great harmony with the music. I like their sound very much and I believe Sigtyr found the perfect balance in the production, where every instrument is at the right level. “Lagnad” is an excellent demo and I believe that Odne should make the next step and compose a full-length album, since it’s a pity to get only 20 minutes of such brilliant music after 4 years of waiting. By the way their previous demo “Med Sorg Enda Soga” was also very good. I hope that soon enough a label will show interest in their music. Fans of Windir, Cor Scorpii and Mistur should definitely check them on myspace: